Basic Pricing

Tanks                                                           $350.00
Tanks w/ glued on pads  (SS/ST)                  $375.00
Fenders                                                        $125.00
Half Fairings (each side)                                $200.00
Full Fairings (each side)                                 $325.00
Tails                                                              $250.00
Nose Fairings
SS/851 style                                                 $125.00
SBK style                                                     $250.00
Rear Panels        (each side)                          $100.00
Wheels                                                         $200.00
Frames                                                         $350.00
Misc. Items                                                   Priced on request

Race Style Fairings

One Piece upper                                            $550.00        
Belly Pan                                                       $250.00

Gas Tank Repair

All                                                                  $250.00

 Pricing Notes

Prices above are for Base/Clearcoat one color except red. Red, due to paint cost, is
20% higher. I use PPG and HOK products. If you have a particular product request
prices could be higher. Wheels and frames are single stage and for any color.
Clearcoat is available on those items at additional cost. OEM style decal installation is
included, but the decals themselves are additional. Decals will be cleared over on clear
coat systems.

If you are a racer, please contact me for special race pricing.

The above prices assume normal wear and tear, but crash damage is additional, and
priced on an individual basis.

Carbon Fiber parts that are only clear coated are priced based on the quality of the
carbon part, which varies considerably between manufacturers. Please contact me for
more information.

If you are changing colors there will be a slight increase for the back/underside of parts.
I do not paint the underside unless the part is damaged, or is new and has no paint .

Number plates, multi-color paint schemes, stripes, and vinyl graphics are priced based
on complexity. I have added airbrush graphics to our services. If your needs are within
my abilities they will be priced based on complexity, otherwise I can get the part ready
for your graphic artist, and re-clear when ready.

Wheels and frames do not include sand blasting, but I have in house capabilities. Keep
in mind that undamaged wheels and frames usually do not require blasting unlike
powder coating.

Finally, I take a lot of pride in my work, and every job is a reflection of it. I strive to do
quality work at a fair price. Please don’t ask me to do a job that fits your wallet, but
not my standards. While you might be satisfied, everyone else will be a critic, and think
my work sucks. Been there, done that

Prices are subject to change without notice, however if you have received a quote I
will honor it for up to six months.